Pardon our dust.

Pablo and Jismo have been having fun uploading old Taco Wagon sets from both the online and WNYO terrestrial radio eras. Since we found that enjoyable, we figured why not bring the website back as well?

Thanks to the awesome folks at Internet Archive we were able to recover much of the circa-2002 Taco Wagon website.

There are some gems in there. "When you go buy the CD of an artist you heard online..." Remember when buying music didn't mean "clicking 'Purchase' in iTunes"? Well, unless you're Pablo, who still goes spelunking at record stores looking for obscure vinyl to score (which he was doing long before it became hipster-popular (which kind of sounds hipster in and of itself doesn't it?)). "Flames and 'RIAA sucks!' email do not help, so please save that for Slashdot." Slashdot? How 2002-quaint of us. Was "trolling" even a verb then?

We're not broadcasting at the moment (that would be incarnation four for those counting at home) but who knows what the future might hold. For now, put on your Ned's Atomic Dustbin t-shirt, crack open a Crystal Pepsi, and enjoy the archived shows.

- Jismo